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Mini Yarn Swift/Skeinwinder

Image of Mini Yarn Swift/Skeinwinder

Handmade in Virginia, USA by the Strauch family for over 20 years. They are a zero waste company using solid wood. The wood scraps heat the workshop & the sawdust is used for animal bedding. How nice is that?

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There are two styles of Mini Yarn Swifts/Skeinwinders available, table and floor.

All of the same great features as our standard model, but in a compact size.
We’ve reduced the length of the swift arms and the center dowel making the Mini:

Easy to pack in a suitcase for travel.

Perfect for those with limited reach.

Ideal for use in workshops and at retreats.

Most important to remember:
Our Mini Yarn Swifts/Skeinwinders will hold a skein up to a maximum of ONE YARD in circumference.
The standard size for many commercial skeins is one and a half yards in circumference or larger. If you will be working primarily with these larger commercial skeins you must use our Standard Yarn Swifts/Skeinwinders. They will hold skeins up to two yards in circumference.

Available in these solid hardwoods: Oak, Cherry, Maple and Walnut.

Order the TABLE and FLOOR 3-PIECE SET and save!
Includes 1 Umbrella section, 1 Floor base and 1 Table base. TABLE and FLOOR 3-PIECE COMBINATION | Includes 1 Umbrella section, 1 Floor base and 1 Table base.