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Skein Winder

Image of Skein Winder

The skein winder can wind both 1 & 2 yard skeins. It can be used on the a 8 oz, 16 oz, and 32 oz flyer heads - just like a bobbin. It cannot be used on the 4 oz flyer because it is too wide, and it cannot be used on the 12 oz flyer because it is too long.

You can use it like a bobbin on the wheel or on the lazy kate. For the firefly you just turn the head around and use it on a table edge.

The skein winder is included in Package Deals.

The skein winder comes apart into two pieces and lays flat for storage.

PRICE - $129
SAVE ON SHIPPING. Add a skein winder to your spinning wheel order to save on shipping! If you're ordering the skein winder only, the shipping charges are Flat Rate. $15 to the USA and $25 Worldwide per order.