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Woven Scarf no.9

Image of Woven Scarf no.9
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This beauty was made with only the finest materials. It is so soft and squishy like a cloud.

Pictured on a life size mannequin for scale.

I dyed, spun & wove all the yarn.

It is mostly fine merino wool with silk, sparkles & other wool's too. I also used my eco-printed silk fabric scraps from making boxy tees.

It is light and airy for such a long chunky scarf. Has really nice drape!

My website is in US dollars.

I am located in Canada, why do I charge US dollars? Because fiber is traded globally in USD. I only have 1 Canadian supplier. The rest are in the USA, India & China etc...Everything I buy is in USD. 98% of my customer's are in the USA & the rest are international. Australia alone out sells Canada. I find it easier to just keep everything in USD.

I find it impossible to charge accurate shipping so I just send a bill for shipping after you order so I can weigh everything and get accurate shipping quotes. If the shipping is too high & you want to cancel your order I will refund you. Shipping is quite reasonable except if you want to order 1 top to B.C then it is ridiculous!

There are flat rates to the USA, to give you an idea of the cost.

$7 for up to 8 oz
$10 for up to 16 oz
$14 for up to 32 oz

All other countries I have to check the shipping with your address. Feel free to message me to get a quote, let me know what you want to order cause it goes by size and weight :)