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Yarn no.36.5

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Silk chiffon yarn hand dyed by me for you.

The color is glorious in person.

It has raw edges and imperfections but it's still awesome.

Each skein varies and is approx. 3.5 oz & 50-60 yards.

My website is in US dollars.

I am located in Canada, why do I charge US dollars? Because fiber is traded globally in USD. I only have 1 Canadian supplier. The rest are in the USA, India & China etc...Everything I buy is in USD. 98% of my customer's are in the USA & the rest are international. Australia alone out sells Canada. It's easier to just keep everything in USD.

I find it impossible to charge accurate shipping so I just send a bill for shipping after you order so I can weigh everything and get accurate shipping quotes. Shipping is quite reasonable except if you want to order 1 item to B.C then it is ridiculous, it's better to shop multiple items.

These are flat rates to the USA, to give you an idea of the cost.

*Tracked Packet Air (6 business days, tracked, $75 insurance only)
up to 8oz for $14
up to 17oz for $16
up to 35oz for $18
up to 52oz for $19

*Expedited Parcel Air (4 business days, tracked, full insurance)
up to 8oz for $17
up to 17oz for $19
up to 52oz for $34
(Expedited Air is estimated)

*delivery times are not guaranteed, Covid is slowing things down.

*We also hold paid packages if you would like to wait and ship a larger amount.

As soon as you choose your shipping, we will send you a paypal and ship'er off to you.

Other countries I have to check the shipping with your address. Feel free to message me to get a quote.