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Yarn Swift/Skeinwinder

Image of Yarn Swift/Skeinwinder

Handmade in Virginia, USA by the Strauch family for over 20 years. They are a zero waste company using solid wood. The wood scraps heat the workshop & the sawdust is used for animal bedding. How nice is that?

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There are two styles of Yarn Swifts/Skeinwinders available:
A floor model and a table model.
Both models are interchangeable, collapsible and easily portable!

Our handcrafted Umbrella Swifts are designed to function as both a Yarn Swift and a Skeinwinder.

Skein circumference is adjustable from 1-2 yards. There are three black rings on the center dowel. The bottom ring indicates a 1-yard circumference, the center: 1-1/2 yds, and the top: 2-yds.
You can determine the yardage by setting the Swift/skeinwinder to the appropriate marked on the center dowel. Count the number of rotations while winding the skein. You can then easily calculate the yardage by multiplying the yards for one rotation by the number of rotations you made.

The adjusting ring, shown to the left, locks the setting in place.

The winding handle, shown to the left, makes it easy to wind onto the Skeinwinder.

Available in these solid hardwoods: Oak, Cherry, Maple, and Walnut.

All Swifts are treated with Watco penetrating oil finish and need only to be occasionally cleaned with high quality liquid lemon oil furniture polish.

The umbrella section, as shown at the bottom left, folds just like a regular rain umbrella, so your Swift/skeinwinder takes up less room.

The table model measures 27" tall from table surface to top of knob. A suggestion: to more easily use as a skeinwinder, mount it on a shorter table so the top crank is more accessible. Simply screw it into the table base, attach the table clamp and you're ready to work.

The floor model measures 42" tall, from floor to top of knob.

Order the TABLE and FLOOR 3-PIECE SET and save!
Includes 1 Umbrella section, 1 Floor base and 1 Table base. TABLE and FLOOR 3-PIECE COMBINATION | Includes 1 Umbrella section, 1 Floor base and 1 Table base.