SALE 6 foot long periwinkle scarf


On sale for half price! Was $185 and is now about half price $95! Huzzah.

This scarf feels so nice on! It had nice drape and is quite light and airy weighing in at only 9 ounces for 6 foot long chunkalicious scarf!

I dyed, blended, spun & wove these beautiful luxury fibers by hand.

Merino wool & silk.

My website is in US dollars.

Free shipping on all wearables to USA & Canada. Other countries message me and I will check shipping costs to see how much I will cover if it is very expensive.

I am located in Canada, why do I charge US dollars? Because fiber is traded globally in USD. I only have 1 Canadian supplier. The rest are in the USA, India & China etc...Everything I buy is in USD. 98% of my customer's are in the USA & the rest are international. Australia alone out sells Canada. I find it easier to just keep everything in USD.

We can not do refunds. We do credits. We still have to pay the full Paypal fees on return's. Paypal changed it's policy.