Firefly Studio Package Deal

$2,424.00 - $2,436.00

The Firefly is SpinOlutions modular electric spinning wheel. Within the base is a rechargeable battery that holds 14 hours of spin time for cordless spinning. The Firefly is equivalent to an electric Monarch. We combined our state of the art engineering and durable design with the power of electricity to create this dynamic, multi-purpose spinning wheel.

The Firefly is SpinOlution's production studio wheel for professional spinners who need a comfortable wheel that they can spin at for hours, even with a broken foot!

This is the wheel I use, along with the Monarch wheel. I can share the flyer heads between both wheels. You truly can pump out yarns comfortably with these wheels. I highly recommend getting the Studio Package deal to get the lazy kate and skein winder and multiple bobbin sizes. It is listed separately in my shop.

WHAT IS A MODULAR WHEEL? The 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, and 64 oz setup are interchangeable between the Monarch and the Firefly. Design your own wheel by choosing your base and setup size, or swap setups between the bases for multiple wheel options. I would say the 64 oz bobbin is best suited for the firefly. It's pretty heavy to treadle but it does fit into the Monarch.

Here is a video showcasing the modular system & different bobbin sizes:

It is light and well suited for travel. It even comes with an adapter so you can use it in the car! It also comes with a foot peddle & wall plug.

Prices are in USD.

The Firefly Package comes with the Firefly Wheel Base + Two Flyer Sizes + Accessories. Choose from any of the following package combinations based on your spinning needs:

$2424 - Fine Yarn Package (4A + 8 oz)
$2424 - Traditional Yarn Package (8 oz + 16 oz)
$2424 - Bulky Yarn Package (8 oz + 32 oz)
$2436 - Art Yarn Package (16 oz + 32 oz)

6 Total Bobbins (3 Small / 3 Large based on the package size you choose)
4 Orifice Bars (Hook & Tube for Both Flyer Sizes)
Lazy Kate
Skein Winder
Drive Band
Power Switch
Car Charger
Wall Charger

I recommend checking out Spinolutions youtube channel for ample video's of all the wheels in action to see which one is best suited to you:


All SpinOlution wheels have a 30-Day Money back Guarantee, are Fully Insured to cover any Shipping Damage, and have a One Year Warranty on all non-wear parts. If you are unhappy for any reason, simply return the wheel within 30 days of receipt for a refund minus shipping costs.

Shipping is free to the lower 48 states of the USA. Alaska & Hawaii is $100

Everything is made to order in the USA. Wait times are usually 4-6 weeks but sometimes faster.